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Hi dear all, please use this category for what doesn’t fit in the other most specific categories.

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  1. alex says:

    Hi dear all, this time I felt more appropriate to post under this category, given that what I will tell you, as you will see, is not strictly “methodic” or some language- specifically- related… (not that this art of using (or… misusing) a blog is really the most correct one: actually you already noticed that I use the blog also to communicate and share with you what I am currently doing… for this probably a web-calendar would be more appropriate; on the other side, the blog gives me the opportunity to collect answers, reactions and points of view from you…)


    what I’d like to share with you is my current engagement: actually I am not on vacation, I am with E.S.A. (european space agency) of Netherlands until end of December 2007 (perhaps even middle of January 2008).
    Here I am involved in something slightly different from what I was “usually” doing:
    I am not involved in silicium design or verification (ASICs or ICs) this time, but instead I am the quality assurance manager for one verification platform for satellites: basically, here I am involved in the creation of quality assurance plans, and verification documents that guarantee the quality, safety and dependability requirements for the platform during the entire project life: from the initial concept through the realization to the final utilization in place, where the device is used to test satellites for adequacy for the environment that they will encounter in orbit.

    After December or January 2008, I will know if this engagement will also prolongue in the new year, perhaps even until the end of 2008!

    Stay tuned, I will report my experiences also during this activity.


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