Update on our activities

December 22nd, 2023

Hi dear all. Also here a short update on our activities:

As we are pretty busy with our customers right now, we decided also to start another round of recruitment / hiring.

We will start having some interviews with recent graduates of Universities with the beginning of next year.

Updates on our activities

January 25th, 2018

After a veeery long time, here an update on our current Engagements:

Pierluigi and Matteo are currently busy developing eRM- compliant eVCs for Socionext in Neuried, near to Munich.


I am working on many SOCs Projects involving Systemverilog and UVM for the verification and SystemC with TLM2.0 for the modeling and reference models activities in Infineon Munich.


Still supporting the colleagues on the Projects that used and in the new ones that pops up using Specman and eRM and UVM-e , though, also.

Pierluigi engaged at NXP Semiconductors Austria

March 2nd, 2015

Our employee Pierluigi Picciau will be busy with NXP Semiconductors Austria from the beginning of March 2015 until End of June 2015, at least with the initial assignment.

There, Ogheri Consulting GmbH will provide Support for the development of “e” and “eRM” – based verification Environments.

The third employee has started with us!

July 23rd, 2014

Hi dear all, the third employee of us has started working at Infineon Semiconductors AG last week.

Pierluigi Picciau (pierluigi.picciau@alessandroogheri.com) is another higly skilled verification engineer, with strong knowledge of the “e” language and the eRM Methodology, as of the SystemVerilog language and the UVM Methodology and Class Library.

He is currently engaged in a Team in which he is responsible for the verification of portions of a chip used in Flash memories Controllers.

We are Synopsys VMM Catalyst partners too now!

July 5th, 2012

Hi dear all,

recently we applied also for the Synopsys VMM Catalyst partnership successfully.

This is an important result for us, since we as UVCs (universal verification components) providers and trainings providers are in need of supporting all the major enterprise graded simulators present on the Market.

We are Cadence Verification Alliance partners and Mentor Questa Vanguard partners now!

May 13th, 2011

Hi dear all, as usual, I keep you updated on the activities of our company.

We applied successfully for the Cadence Verification Alliance partnership Program and the Mentor Questa Vanguard Program recently, so now we are officially partners.

We plan to grow our business still a bit during this year, and we will keep you updated.

The second employee will start in May 2011 with a big customer in Munich!

April 15th, 2011

Hi dear all, after the wonderful news of the last times, (when Matteo De Luigi started with us for Infineon semiconductors), we are proud to announce that also a second employee, Massimiliano Giacometti, joined us!

He will start in May 2011 with a big semiconductors customer in Munich, working on firmware development for one of their devices.

The first employee is working with me at Infineon!

March 30th, 2011

Hi dear all, after some times without any update, I think it is time to inform everyone about the news of the last months.

The colleague Matteo De Luigi (matteo.deluigi@alessandroogheri.com) is now together with me at the customer site (Infineon Munich) and works at an e- language – based verification environment for the check of the firmware running on a microchip used as a Flash memories controller.

This is a big achievement for us, and one of which we are particularly proud (please consider that we were a one-man-show company just until some months ago!), and we see it only as our first step: we plan to grow also in the near future!

New engagement…

January 24th, 2009

Hi dear all,

I (mis-)use the BLOG to let you know that I will be busy from February, 2009 until end of AprilĀ  for consulting activities.


We are growing!!

September 3rd, 2008

Hi dear all,

as usual, I misuse somehow the blog feature of my hosting plan to communicate some news to you!

I would like to inform you that we are growing:

starting from July 2008 two new colleagues joined the group (calling it a “company” seems to me a little too much, at this point!):

Michele Checchinato, which is finishing his diploma thesis with us and

Matteo De Luigi, that joined immediately after graduation.

The two guys are working on a specman-based verification environment for the ALU unit of a publicly available CPU core, the pretty well known LEON3 of Gaisler Research.

The design is coded in VHDL, and the specman environment will be made in observation to the rules and architectural guidelines of the e reuse methodology (eRM) of Cadence.

We expect in particular Matteo to be available for consulting jobs at customer sites after this activity has finished (it will be around October or November 2008), so…

if you need a specman- knowledged and VHDL-knowledged consultant, dont hesitate to contact us!

Kind Regards,