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We are growing!!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2008

Hi dear all,

as usual, I misuse somehow the blog feature of my hosting plan to communicate some news to you!

I would like to inform you that we are growing:

starting from July 2008 two new colleagues joined the group (calling it a “company” seems to me a little too much, at this point!):

Michele Checchinato, which is finishing his diploma thesis with us and

Matteo De Luigi, that joined immediately after graduation.

The two guys are working on a specman-based verification environment for the ALU unit of a publicly available CPU core, the pretty well known LEON3 of Gaisler Research.

The design is coded in VHDL, and the specman environment will be made in observation to the rules and architectural guidelines of the e reuse methodology (eRM) of Cadence.

We expect in particular Matteo to be available for consulting jobs at customer sites after this activity has finished (it will be around October or November 2008), so…

if you need a specman- knowledged and VHDL-knowledged consultant, dont hesitate to contact us!

Kind Regards,